Launched as a small boutique in 1997 and developed by the Fashion Sector of Samsung C&T, KUHO shows its brand philosophies and values through shaping its distinctive identity of the arts - music, dance, arts - through design. KUHO is stepping out to the global market as a representative womens fashion brand of Korea.

KUHO has also been running CSR campaigns such as the 'Heart for Eye' donation campaign, sponsoring eyesight recovery surgeries for blind children since 2006.
KUHO reincarnates architectural
aesthetic into contemporary fashion.

Creating spaces between the body and wardrobe
by compositing lines and planes, it inspires
imagination of the beautiful body inside the garments.

Structural tailoring, conjugating
straight lines and curves, make its
architectural dressmaking more intriguing.
“Wear Confidence, Awaken Your Sensibility”

KUHO’s minimal design reflects the values and attitudes toward life of women
who pursue the true nature without exaggeration.

KUHO is a brand for rational and enterprising women who view the world
with a high level of aesthetics and seek for practicality at the same time.

Proposing a lifestyle for women who feel confident and express themselves
by creating a unique lifestyle with their own tastes.