KUHO reincarnates architectural aesthetics into contemporary fashion.
By creating spaces between the body and wardrobe through
the composition of lines and planes, it inspires imagination of
the beautiful body concealed within the garments.
The art of structural tailoring, skillfully combining straight lines
and elegant curves, adds an extra layer of intrigue to
its architectural approach to dressmaking.

The name, KUHO originated from the designer and founder of the brand, Jung Kuho,
who is an iconic figure of first-generation fashion designers in Korea.
Inspired by the structure of architectural aesthetics, he established a minimalist
and modern style implying sophisticated contemporary art.
KUHO's devotees are fashion-forward individuals
who exude a cool attitude and unwaveringly uphold their discerning taste!
They value inherent merit while cultivating
sophisticated aesthetics and artistic preferences.
The minimalist design, which becomes even more vivid through restraint,
mirrors the attitude and taste of the KUHO persona.
Minimalist design defined through reticence and eliding.

Perfected detail accomplished by architectural tailoring,
rendering functions into design.

Contemporary aesthetic proposing refined and
unconventional taste at the forefront Maximizing the beauty of
independent and proactive womanhood.

Eschewing overt articulation, the minimal and modern design focuses on
silhouettes flowing along the body and a captivating sense of space,
presenting the 'most intrinsically KUHO' design.
The designs, meticulously crafted from high-quality, pliant materials,
achieve an exquisite degree of refinement through
360-degree three-dimensional tailoring.
This unique approach to design, combined with distinctive details
that serve as focal points, culminates in creations that encapsulate
the quintessential KUHO aesthetic.